About us

The Nigerian Institution of Safety Engineers(a Division of Nigeria Society of Engineers)ensuring that safety is first and always in all engineering practices with quality output. Integrity: To act with honesty and respect for human life with zero loss. Accountability: Ensuring that our engineers embark on safety practices with duty of care. Commitment: Commitment to our services and provisions that affect others with the professional ethics they deserve. Innovation:To move with the current trend in technology while considering costs.

Our Programmes

Workshops & Seminars

We educate people and help them Improve their knowledge and skills, reduce risks, make workplaces healthier and safer for everyone.

Webinars & Training

We Offer A Comprehensive Suite Of Training And Qualifications In Health, Safety And Environmental Management.

SHES Technical Sessions

Each component of SHES represents a critical area that safety engineers focus on to prevent accidents, promote health, protect the environment, and ensure security within workplaces and communities.


This collaboration promises to elevate safety standards, promote sustainable industrial practices, and deliver substantial benefits to both organizations, the industry, and the wider community.

Our Executive

Our executives are dedicated to advancing safety engineering practices and supporting our members in achieving excellence in workplace safety. Contact any of them for more information on how to association can benefit you or your organization.